Mini excavator JF36 – 3600 kg

25500  HT

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This series of small excavators is the sixth generation of mini crawler excavators. The latest technical improvements further increase the strength of the excavator body and arm and ensure continuous and stable performance while optimizing fuel economy. You can add many optional accessories to enable you to efficiently complete various projects: gardens, farmland, municipal engineering, vegetable greenhouses, trenches.

1. Efficient: Equipped with a strong engine, this mini excavator is suitable for various places and working conditions with its short turning radius and small frame.

2. High safety: the driver’s cabin meets FOPS requirements, and provides real driving comfort

3. Good processing ability: The load-sensitive system debugging application provides excellent performance monitoring.

4. Efficient and Energy-saving: Intelligent control system achieves perfect match between motor and main pump, with higher working efficiency and lower consumption. Enjoy variable speed automatic walking, automatic deceleration and intelligent walking speed control.

6. The hydraulic system is equipped with a large-capacity variable piston pump with a variable pressure compensation valve, to make the shovel + forearm + arm + rotation operation smooth and efficient.

7. Stable electric drive: The OLED screen reduces overlap and is continuous, with high reliability.

CE ISO EPA certified.

Des détails

EngineKubota D1505
Walking and rotating motorLKC 2-speed
Hydraulic pumpTAIFENG
Nominal powerKubota D1505 21.2 CV
Length2100 mm
Max digging depth2880mm
Max digging height4600 mm
Max unloading height3175 mm
Weight3375 kg
Maße4485x1550x2440 mm
Track length2100 mm
Track width300 mm
Max movement speed3.0 / 4,2 km/h
Consumption4 l / h
Rotation speed8,5 tr/mn
Breakout Force Capacity28,4 kN
Hydraulic pressure available220 bar
Hydraulic flow76,8 l / mn

50 cm tooth bucket included

Cabin included

Reversible air conditioning option
2-speed walking motor option
Swing-boom included

Steel tracks possible

Accessories :

Quick hitch
Ditching bucket 20cm
Ditching bucket 40cm
Ditching bucket 60cm
Ditching bucket 90cm
TILT ditch bucket 80cm
Ditching bucket 120cm
Bucket with teeth 20cm
Bucket with teeth 25cm
Bucket with teeth 40cm
Bucket with teeth 80cm
Grapple bucket
Log grapple