Mini excavator JF26 – 2600 kg

24500  HT

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A next-level model with an innovative design. 2-speed engine, pivoting boom, widening tracks.

Cab with or without optional air conditioning.

The JF26 is a latest generation mini excavator, very stable at work. 360˚ rotation and smooth control, combined with unparalleled power and efficiency, make this a versatile excavator.

It works best in demolition of urban areas, road works, landscaping and much more.

Optimized efficiency:

Limitation of labor costs, increased productivity, maximum uptime and many efficient features are combined on the JF26. ECO mode lets you choose the right machine setting for the job, with significant fuel efficiency.

Auxiliary lines and quick connect piping, the JF26 meets almost all of your accessory needs.

Developed with the concept of “Safe, Reliable, Efficient, Comfortable”, the JF26 hydraulic excavator offers additional value to the operator. New features are introduced, making the machines more productive, versatile and profitable.

• Yanmar engine and load-sensing hydraulic system provide high operating efficiency and fuel economy.

• This compact excavator is designed and built to work on more sites while reducing the risk of damage to the machine and its surroundings.

The two-speed travel motor gives you a more efficient operation experience.

The streamlined and aesthetic size gives the JF26 a perfect design.

CE ISO EPA certified.

Des détails

EngineKUBOTA D1105
Walking and rotating motorEATON - 2 speeds
Hydraulic pumpNACHI
Nominal power19,3 CV Diesel
Length1860 mm
Max digging depth2430 mm
Max digging height4040 mm
Max unloading height2610 mm
Weight2600 kg
Track length1860 mm
Track width250 mm
movement speed max.2,6 / 4,5 km/h
Consumption3,3 l / h
Rotation speed9,5 tr/mn
Breakout Force Capacity19,5 kN
Hydraulic pressure available280 bar
Hydraulic flow99 l / mn

Bucket with teeth 46 cm included

Canopy included

Cabin options

Swing-boom - swing boom included

Expandable tracks included

Steel tracks option

Optional reversible air conditioning


Quick hitch

Ditching bucket 20cm

Ditching bucket 40cm

Ditching bucket 60cm

Tilt ditching bucket 80 cm

Ditching bucket 90cm

Ditching bucket 120 cm

Bucket with teeth 20cm

Bucket with teeth 25cm

bucket with teeth 40cm

tooth bucket 80cm

Log grapple