Mini excavator JF20 – 1920 kg

16900  HT

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Model in Image: with cabin option.

Hydraulic controls with Joystick. Swing-boom (pivoting boom).

The JF20 has unique advantages: its compact size, flexibility, versatility and high efficiency are popular with users. It is ideal for all kinds of pipeline excavations, foundation construction, utilities and urban housing maintenance. The small size and the special design allow working in environments where large excavators cannot be used.


Features :

1. The JF20 has great power characteristics, long life, low noise, low emissions, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance.
2. Performance, noise and emissions comply with the latest European standards.
3. Rubber tracks allow operation without fear of damaging floors (sidewalks, roads, public places, tiles).
4. It can be optionally equipped with a large-space enclosed cab, no blind spots, and a thick ceiling, which can be used for driving work, thus making the machine and personnel safer.
5. The cabin can be easily removed at any time and can be used flexibly in a very confined space.
6. You can also choose various attachments, such as crusher, excavator, grapple and auger. Different equipment and functions can be adapted according to your needs and requirements.


CE ISO EPA certified.

Des détails

EngineKubota D902
Walking and rotating motorEATON
Hydraulic pumpPARKER
Nominal power15.4 CV Diesel
Length1580 mm
Max digging depth2310 mm
Max digging height3540 mm
Max unloading height2440 mm
Weight1920 kg
Track width3300*1110*2360 mm
Track length230 mm
Streckenlänge1580 mm
movement speed max.2,2 km/h
Consumption2,6 l / h
Rotation speed9 tr/mn
Breakout Force Capacity13,8 kN
Hydraulic pressure available185 bar
Hydraulic flow51 l / mn

Bucket with teeth 46 cm included

Canopy included

Cabin options

2-speed walking motor option

Swing-boom - swing boom included

Expandable tracks option


Quick hitch

Ditching bucket 20cm

Ditching bucket 40cm

Ditching bucket 60cm

Tilt ditching bucket 80 cm

Ditching bucket 90cm

Ditching bucket 120 cm

Rotating buckets

Skeleton buckets

Bucket with teeth 20cm

Bucket with teeth 25cm

bucket with teeth 40cm

tooth bucket 80cm

Log grapple