Mini excavator JF12 – 1200 kg

8850  HT

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You can choose between a powerful twin-cylinder YOUP engine or a three-cylinder Yanmar engine. Optional hydraulic controls, pilot controls on both sides of the seat limit your fatigue during long working hours. The chassis width is only 890 mm. The tighter turning radius makes it more agile on tight jobsites. It is perfect for the house, garden, farm, orchard, etc. ….

Folding canopy.

Product details:


1. Cycloid motor with high torque and high flow rate gives you better power build-up for crossing.

2. Large thermal ventilation grilles on the body of the mini excavator effectively ensure the heat dissipation effect.

3. The pilot control handles on both sides of the under-seat are used to control the travel with the foot pedal for the hydraulic control version.

5. The seat back is raised with the pilot handles on both sides adjusted to increase the support of the armrest, which effectively relieves fatigue.

6. A hydraulic oil dipstick and diesel level gauge allow easy checking of levels.

7. A variety of attachments such as breakers, routers, rakes, wood clamps, augers, quick couplers, etc., can be installed to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and a single machine.

The JF12 with canopy offers excellent visibility, stability, comfort and safety.

It is suitable for tough jobs with tight turns that require precision control and peak performance.

The JF12 offers the advanced features of zero tail swing, optional boom swing, short and long stick and powerful digging forces. Add high reliability, low operating costs and high efficiency, and you have the ideal mini-excavator for a wide range of jobs.

Operational comfort

The JF12 offers an uncompromising driving environment.

Combined with excellent visibility, it offers comfort and safety and optimal ergonomics for operators of all sizes.


CE ISO EPA certification.

Des détails

EngineYOUP K2V80 ou KUBOTA D722
Walking and rotating motorLIKE
Hydraulic pumpTIANJI
Nominal powerYoup : 16 CV Diesel | Kubota : 14 CV Diesel
Length1240 mm
Max digging depth1650 mm
Max digging height2490 mm
Max unloading height1750 mm
Track length1240mm
Track width180mm
movement speed max.2km/h
ConsumptionYoup : 2,6 l / h | Kubota : 2,5 l / h
Rotation speed12 tr/mn
Breakout Force Capacity7,5 kN
Hydraulic pressure available160 bar
Hydraulic flow34 l / mn

Bucket with teeth 38 cm included

Canopy included

Swing-boom option - swing boom

Expandable tracks option


quick hitch

20cm ditching bucket

40cm ditching bucket

Pitching bucket 60cm

Tilt ditching bucket 80 cm

90cm ditching bucket

Bucket with teeth 20cm

Bucket with teeth 25cm

bucket with teeth 40cm

tooth bucket 80cm

Log grapple


Hydraulic gripper