Mini excavator JF10 – 930 kg

6950  HT

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JF10 mini crawler excavator combines beautiful design, high configuration, good performance, low fuel consumption and wide working range. It is suitable for loosening the soil of vegetable greenhouses, landscaping in municipal services, making holes in orchards, crushing concrete surfaces and sand-gravel mixtures, narrow workplaces, etc. The quick-connect device facilitates the replacement of work accessories, helping to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Features :

  • The JF10 adopts the BRIGG & STRATTON 13.7 HP Gasoline engine, KOOP 11.7 HP Diesel engine variant, key start, power with high energy efficiency.
  • American Eaton walking motor, a sign of quality and very reliable.
  • The machine shell is formed by single mold stamping to increase heat dissipation area and improve work efficiency.
  • Piloted handle of the mechanical multiway valve.
  • A comfortable safety seat to ensure the operator has a better driving experience while working.
  • A hydraulic oil gauge and a diesel level gauge.
  • LED lighting is perfectly suited, with a wide range and high brightness.
  • The excavator has the same width as the crawler, which is convenient for construction.
  • A variety of attachments such as breakers, rippers, rakes, log grapples, augers, quick-change couplings, etc., can be installed to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and a single machine.
  • Special rubber track, stronger grip and climbing ability, better wear resistance.

CE ISO EPA certified.

Des détails

MoteurBrigg & Stratton Essence ou Koop Diesel, démarrage à clé
Moteur de marche et de rotationEATON
Pompe hydrauliqueSHIMADZU
Puissance13,5 CV Essence moteur Brigg, variante possible 11,7 CV Diesel moteur Koop 192f
Longueur1200 mm
Profondeur d'excavation max2100 mm
Hauteur d'excavation max2580 mm
Hauteur maximale de déchargement1850 mm
Poids930 kg
Longueur des chenilles1200 mm
Largeur des chenilles180 mm
Vitesse de déplacement max2,2 km/h
Consommation2,3 l / h
Vitesse de rotation12 tr/mn
Capacité de force d'arrachement7,5 kN
Pression hydraulique disponible160 bar
Débit hydraulique34 l / mn

Bucket teeth 40 cm included

Canopy option

Option Swing boom - Swing boom

Spreadable tracks option


Quick hitch

Bucket without teeth 20cm

Bucket without teeth 40cm

Bucket without teeth 60cm

Bucket without teeth 90cm

Bucket teeth 20cm

Bucket teeth 25cm

Bucket teeth 40cm

Bucket teeth 80cm

Grapple bucket


Log grapple



snow blade