Mini excavator JF08 – 800 kg

5885  HT

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The JF08 small crawler excavator is easy to use and has high power, equipped with a BRIGG & STRATTON 13.5 HP Gasoline engine, Koop 11.7 HP Diesel engine variant, key start. Convenient for use in small spaces such as greenhouses and roads, it is suitable for farms and households.

JF08 mini crawler excavator combines beautiful design, high configuration, good performance, low fuel consumption and wide working range. It is suitable for loosening the soil of vegetable greenhouses, landscaping in municipal services, making holes in orchards, crushing concrete surfaces and sand-gravel mixtures, narrow workplaces, etc. The quick-connect device facilitates the replacement of work accessories, helping to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Features :

  • A hydraulic cylinder with a long service life.
  • The arm is made of high quality, high tensile steel.
  • Optional multifunctional gadgets can meet various situations.
  • The worktable rotates 360 degrees.
  • The bulldozer can adjust in height.
  • Heavy duty rubber tracks.

CE ISO EPA certified.

Des détails

EngineBrigg & Stratton Petrol or Koop Diesel, key start
Walking and rotating motorLIKE
Hydraulic pumpTIANJI
Power13.5 HP Petrol Brigg engine, variant possible 11.7 HP Diesel Koop 192f engine
Length1140 mm
Max digging depth1220 mm
Max digging height1650 mm
Weight800 kg
Track length1140 mm
Track width150 mm
movement speed max.2 km/h
Consumption2,3 l / h
Rotation speed12 tr/mn
Breakout Force Capacity7,5 kN
Hydraulic pressure available160 bar
Hydraulic flow21 l / mn

Canopy included

40 cm bucket included

Swing boom option

Expandable tracks option


Quick hitch

Automatic quick hitch

Ditching bucket 20cm

Ditching bucket 40cm

Ditching bucket 60cm

Bucket with teeth 20cm

Bucket with teeth 25cm

bucket with teeth 40cm

tooth bucket 80cm

skeleton bucket 80 cm

Log grapple





snow blade