Mini-Dingo on wheels

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Mini dingo on wheels

The small skid steer loader is a multifunctional construction engineering equipment.

Its chassis is small and easy to control, with a small turning radius, it can maneuver flexibly in tight spaces.

It can be easily and quickly connected to various functional accessories to achieve various tasks.

It is widely used in gardening, manufacturing, construction sites, recycling, gardens, roads, buildings, farms and other industrial fields.

The double handle facilitates walking, lifting and tipping actions, the piston engine makes the operation very stable, and the four-wheel drive is suitable for various environments.

Features :
A variety of attachments such as breakers, 4-in-1 bucket, angle blade, sweeper, snow blower, augers, digger, mower, fork, excavator, trencher and clamshell bucket can be installed to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and a single machine.

Warranty 1 year parts and labor.

CE ISO EPA certified.

Des détails

EngineTwin-cylinder Diesel, Koop 292 or Brigg & Stratton Vanguard variant
NoiseLess than 95 db
Work timeRaising: 4.27 s Tipping bucket: 1.34 s Lowering: 3.31 s
Power23 CV
Gas tank capacity 25 l
Oil tank capacity 30 l
Nominal load 300 kg
Lifting capacity 325 kg
Weight 940 kg
Maße L: 1914 mm l: 1240 mm h: 1310 mm
Movement speed0 bis 8 km/h
Maximum tipping load 325 kg
Bucket breakout force 550 kg
Hydraulic pressure available 150 bar
Hydraulischer Fluss 70 l / mn
Pression hydraulique 150 bar
débit hydraulique 70 l / mn

4 in 1 bucket
Grabber Bucket
snow blower
Ripper - Ripper
Auger diameter 20,30,45 or 60 cm.
Angle blade